The Mustang Project

Well you need to get it rolling already! I want to see it in motion. :slight_smile:

Wow, stunning !!! :smiley:

Add this project with my UE4 Cinematics and environments page :slight_smile:

This is seriously awesome!
Keep up the great work!

I remember seeing this on polycount. This is very definitive material for Unreal’s graphical power. and the presentation is slick. could easily mistake it as a toolbag render. Good work!

Wow MagiclaPixy! The video you posted is awesome. Both of the car’s interior and exterior are breathtaking. The leather material for the seats looks awesome. I could almost smell that brand new leather aroma. Yet again, Fantastic work and be sure to keep us updated with your project!

Wow. Cheers for all the kind words. It means alot.

Jacky; guess I got no reason not too. I’ll have to check it out. :wink:

Man…that looks really really good! :slight_smile: Now please try out the new clear coat shading model :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers buddy! Has it been officially released yet? It’s on github right but not “officially” out yet right?

By the way, I’ve gotten hold of an Oculus from a friend and done some tests (it’s the DK1, can’t motivate to splurge on a DK2. Hoping to find one laying around somewhere at some point.) and I’ll be releasing a download for you guys later so you can test it when I’m done! It’s a test / learning case for a bigger more awesome thing I got planned. :smiley:

Actually, you can already switch to the shading model in 4.3. Parameters have not yet been exposed, so you can only control the base layers roughness and metallic values since the clear coat modes and inputs will be available from 4.4 on. However, it still works quite well for a first iteration since you dont necessarily have to tweak the roughness of the clear coat that much for first testing :wink:


This is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations on this

I’d like to have the orange one :smiley:
Interior is very sexy maaaan!!!