The Muse

Project Title: [ROYALTY] The Muse

An original episodic edutainment adventure game. Non-violent and imaginative.

First person exploration of surrealistic world.
Unique and original IP - 47 slide power point will explain, should you be selected to join.
Editor-like functionality.

Core Beliefs:
Positive is the way.
Meritocracy will determine each team members share of the royalty.
All team members can and are expected to influence the game design.

Team Structure:

Project Manager:
Louis Henderson (Umberto here)

Senay Yihun
Frank Elavsky

Music Director:
Samantha Foster -

Talent Required: Looking for the following positions
You *must *be willing to sign and respect a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
Preference will be given to individuals in the greater Seattle area .
No students or internships considered at this time.

  • <C++ Programmer> and/or <Senor Blueprint Scripter>
  • 3D Environment Artist- Maya required.
  • 3D Prop Artist - Maya required. Can be part or separate of Environment artist role
  • 3D Character Artist - Maya Zbrush or Mudbox required.
  • 3D Character Animator- Maya required. Can be part or separate of Character artist role. Expected to rig and animate npcs & robots.
  • Concept Artist- also will be responsible for in game “drawing” assets.
  • FX Artist

pm me (Umberto) here with link to your resume and website

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for the PMs. By request we are opening this up to people outside the Seattle area, but still US residents for royalty reasons.

No you don’t play as a colonial space marine ridding the galaxy of aliens. Nor are you shooting Zombies. Nor is this a fantasy RPG. There are already several million dollar AAA sequels in these genres.
If you are thinking of spending your time creating something along these lines, please read down the posts in this forum to see you are not alone in your delusions. Consider your scope and motivations before proceeding.