The movement of the aileron of an aircraft

Hello everybody,

I have a lot of question, but the one that is bothering me is the movement of the aileron of a plane.

1.How do i suppose to make the aileron (Flap) move to a certain angle?

a. Is it done in UE4? If it’s here can you tell me how to make it? I have the skeletal of my plane.
b. Is it done in other softwares?

If you put a bone in the aileron you can use Transform (Modify) Bone. Take a look here:


I already done it and it worked, thank you.

But how do i link this AnimBP to a character? I mean, when i press a key (Example: Up) then the aileron will rotate to a certain angle.

Thanks for the answers.

You need to pass rotation angle as a variable to animation BP from your character BP. There are several ways how it can be done. This is one of them: [TABLE]

It’s from a tutorial series by Epic, you might have to check one video before or after if something is not clear.