The MouseOverEvent / OnClocked has bugs

i try to make a mouse over event to the cube in the world. It works but it has bugs.
Sometimes the widget just stays visible even when the mouse dont overlap the objekt anymore and then the funktion is inverted.

The OnClicked event only works at the first overlapping point. When the mouse stays on the objekt the event does´nt work anymore

Is it smth with ihr collision options ?
Thanks for any help

Hi @ParkerHD
try set up a mouse over begin and end !

This can have problem too,
I have a similar setup but i made a raycast from the mouse to detect what i am over, and i manually set on and off the thing based on the result.

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I did allready but Same Result

Can you show the updated blueprint graph? If what @Est_engine said is not working, then it’s either not set up correctly on your end or there’s something else at play, something we’re not seeing in the images.

But i did´nt make a bool in the PlayerCharackter but in the Platform because i wanted to show it up at the platform

Why not just:

You can, of course, use the static mesh event instead.

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OMG it works perfect :cry:
Dont understand the difference between this event but Thak you very :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ok got it, this event is for the whole actor right?
EventActorOnClicked works better too then OnClicked(Cube)

An actor can have multiple components.

Actor OnClick allows you to interect with any component.

A specific component onClicked would only trigger for that one component.

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