The most important content ther is but you never see it.

The story is the centre of any game/depends on genre. What is the game based on? One reason I understand that this area will never come out of the shadows is because of “theif” . Not the game but basic idea being taken. I am sure that many writers as my self can help those less fortunate of coming up with ideas that will not hurt any. If your a good writer what ever they take and exploit. like most writters publish fast. its on. Like the old days in the late 80s. Point is where are the stories (writtien) area? Are people afraid of ideas getting stolen? As I can see we are repeating the same things. Zombies, Fallout, GTA,COD (BTW isa basic FPS like BF4 and CS). All Repeat or make revised verions of older games… Trust me I wouldnt tell no one myself. But there needs to be an area of writtin story. IT is the hart that drive any game. Most hack and slash games like Chivalry has not story.

How do you present a story of a game without it getting ripped off? YOU CANT.

Best Sound layout since that time. Totaly unorthodox. None matched “Thief” game that is.

Story is the hart. As shallow as we all enjoyed good games. Many see a good game with a story line has left the building. Back in the day we had only stories. Just saying need an area of literiture. Writers.

What is the story of the map you make?

Fall in love with your story and you get reason to finish your map.

srsly just… wat

LOL. Would you give up the Story of your Prize game. Deadliesr warriors anyone?

He is completely right.
I am working on a tetris open world game since 1992 and i still love it but i tell it to nobody, because of “things”, not the game, the bad ones!

Lol, I expect nothing but the best once it’s released :stuck_out_tongue:

No it’s not.

Gameplay is.

We are still creating videogames.

I am one of this guys that really believes that the core of a game is the gameplay and having fun.

Take TLoU and Dark Souls.

TLoU was an interactive movie with questionable gameplay. Enemy AI is borderline retarded, game mechanics are kind of bad, and the game eventually turns into a “kill endless amounts of enemies” the more it progresses.

Was it a good game?

Well, I’d say yes.

But , take Dark Souls.

I don’t even understand still what’s the game about, but the gameplay is top notch. Everything is focused on the player’s ability to outplay the enemy, focus, execute, come with a strategy.

Dark Souls is not perfect in the gameplay department, the enemies are maybe a bit too linear but the game was probably the best of its generation because put again the game before the story and the setting. Having fun, having a challenge.

Check steam stats.

Are people playing what’s fun or what has a good story?

Even ignoring multiplayer games, games focused around a good gameplay, eploration, mechanics, have the edge over the story.

Gameplay doesn’t matter; Story doesn’t matter.
None of them are core elements, all of them are.

The game is in player’s head, not in your software or hardware; All you can do is provide interfaces for him to experience to game he/she has in mind. Designers talk about this all the time, but at the end of the day is easier to simply remake the same old games again and stare at top sellings charts, pretending they know what they’re doing.

Exactly, and one needs look no further than great games like morrowind and similar to see why it 'all ’ matters.

Sure great games are done without much story, but a engrossing story is going to make a game do much better, anyone doubt the success of the harry potter series of books and movies ? :slight_smile:

OP I think you misunderstand what a story is.

A story is a work of creative content that gives its author certain rights.

If you want to share a story, or a piece of written material you first declare your rights to it, and it up to the people you share it with to decide if they wish to break the law. In fairness this is the same risk that EVERYONE in the game industry takes: By sharing music, or models, or code or filmscript.

If you have a good storyline - put it down on paper.
If you have a good framework for a game - put it down on paper.
Stick a copyright on it that declares your authorship and ownership, and - like everyone else - hope that people aren’t douches and steal your stuff.

If you cant do that, or your story wasnt unique enough to be copyrightable, frankly you didnt have much to start with.

Please also be aware that you can’t copyright an “idea”. Everyone has those… You can only copyright the idea when it is in a tangible form: for example the idea for a movie is copyrightable as a moviescript.

I think you mistake “idea” with story, and are saying that you dont want to share your ideas in case someone steals them.

No. Nobody wants your ideas. Your ideas are not original HONESTLY. Plenty of people have had those thoughts before. The skill is the conversion of an abstract idea into a clever piece of writing, or script, or code or artistry or music.

That’s when people might want to steal from you. And thats when copyright applies.

I hope this helps.

Most of the best games out there and the ones that have endured the test of time don’t really have a story of any kind at all :wink:

True. The ones most remembered are like morrowing, Oblivion, Skyrim Fallout3 etc. Like you said some good games story line suck but good in playing.

There’s a game from 14 years ago that made me cry when I first faced a certain event. That game was heavily based on story and such a thing never ever happened again; I’ve played thousands of games after that, still that was the one moment I understood games could become something special. (Ultimately games didn’t turn into nothing special btw)
That is only reason why I respect games that still try to involve you with a story; some times they may surprise you, who knows…

Herzog Zewei

still a good game. Necer seen that story, dunno if it has one

Since no-one has mentioned it, Call of Duty, AMAZING series, have never played story (I wish there was the (rofl) emoticon from Skype for me to put here)

There is a story in side they tell you in the breif of missions,lol. (rofl). You must have neve watched the cutscene and mission thus story. Bless your hart.

Story isnt in literature “written lingo”. It is in stlye of communication. As in this.

Mage in Blender a free software and exports FBX greatly.

Take a look at the top ten played games on Steam: DOTA 2, Counterstrike GO, Team Fortress 2, ARK, Football Manager 2015, Civilization 5, Clicker Heroes, Warframe, Rocket League and Skyrim.

Out of those ten, only one of them actually contains a formal narrative (Skyrim), and let’s be honest, much of the draw of that game is from it’s sandbox nature. In the top 25 it looks like only four of the games actually do. You may wish to reconsider your position on it being the most important content within a game, because the player numbers don’t lie :wink:

When i want story i go into cinema and take a film. I skip every story in a game, if it is possible, when it is not possible i stop playing.

I’m actually quite surprised at the antagonistic approach towards story in games.

I don’t understand it really.

I guess I’m in the minority when I say my favorite games are Monkey Island, Half-Life 2, Bioshock, and System Shock.

I could easily get the same gameplay experience from one of the many games that use a equal Point and Click, FPS, and FPS-RPG gameplay element.
But I don’t. Why?
Because I want to play HL2. I like the characters, the world, the STORY.

Do you know how many FPS games I’ve played?
And yet I still go back to HL2.

The Story isn’t necessarily the plot of the game, but it’s what the game is really trying the convey.
For example: “Are you a man or a slave?” from Bioshock.

If gameplay is the meat of a game, story is most definitely the flavoring.

Or I guess maybe I’m completely wrong and story means nothing.
I should just stop trying to make a game with a story and create another Multiplayer shooter with no substance.
Sure it’s fun, but does it actually do anything for you?

It’s actually quite funny, I remember when games had great plotlines and good gameplay.

Now it seems like gameplay is all that matters.

Uh…I beg to differ.

In fact I’m begging a lot.