The Moon Rises | Arcteric Games (Developer, Level Designer and Model Designer)

Hello everyone, my name is Tadej and I’m the head of Arcteric Games. We’re looking for a few more members to work on a second project called The Moon Rises.

About Our Team:
We are looking for members to start working on this Survival game called The Moon Rises. We are working on a Reality Project but I wanted to start this project to learn more about UE4, BP and C++.

About The Project:

  • Low Poly Art Style
  • Survival
  • Multiplayer / Coop
  • Planning on getting GitHub Premium to share the project
  • Random World Generation

The project is UNFUNDED.

Looking for:

  • Developers (C++ or BP for Gameplay, Networking, AI, etc.)
  • Level Designers
  • Model Designers (Low Poly Environment, Characters, Other Models)
  • Animator
  • Concept Artist


Skype: xFluffey
Website: Soon!

Thank you!

So on 21st November 2015 you started a Horror game/team:

Then on 26th December 2015 you started a reality TPS/FTS game:

And now you try low-poly survival? you never even finish a game or anything but keep on starting one game project per month! do you know how ridiculous that is? good luck in trying to find some naive people for youre team to join…for some days untill you quit and start the next game.

Horror Game - Started, Stopped because the team 80% of the team went to collage and didn’t have time anymore.
TPS/FPS Game - Is still in progress. Didn’t stop working on it.
Low-Poly Survival Game - Started as a side-project so I can learn more about C++ and BP. Not thinking about doing anything big, but if we do, I’m good with it :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

1 Team will be working on TPS/FPS and the other one on Low-Poly Survival.

Seriously, it would be smarter to just use all your resources (labor/devs) onto one project at a time. It’s never smart to put everyone all over the map unless it’s for testing an idea. You make a list of great IDEAS and then some 1-3 group of people can make a functionality or art demonstration before you go “OK, this works so therefore we should get our team pushing this product forward.” Don’t try to do both mid way and find out that only can each time not do it with the lack of man power but the game in general lacks in quality. I’m not telling you to stop all project you’re doing right now but don’t push it as a product until you know it’ll work.