The mismatch between animation speed and character speed
While walking, the character moves without waiting for the next step. so the character seems to be slipping.
I tried lowering the “Max Walk Speed” but it didn’t work.
how can i fix this?;base64

Single player? Root motion.

Multi player? Make a curve for speed, read it into the character speed so its constantly changing (you have to pick the correct unit value though or just print out the movement and then do math in engine to scale it to the same measure. You have distance over time automatically from a curve - usually in cm.

Typically, you will have a curve that matches up character movement speed to animation playback speed, through a blend space. Make sure each animation is the same rate and length, and cover the same “phase” of the walk cycle.
You’ll have something like a walking animation that matches up at 100 cm/s movement, a running animation that matches up at 400 cm/s movement.
You will then blend between 100% idle and 100% walking in the speed range 0-100, between 100% walking and 100% running in the 100-400 speed range, and then start playing the running animation faster (higher rate) when the speed exceeds 400 cm/s – at 600 cm/s, you’ll play it at 1.5 rate.
If you have more time/money and want more animations (shifting, strolling, walking, jobbing, running, sprinting) you can add that to your blend space for more control over what it actually looks like at various speeds.

Don’t change playback speed. You’ll just cause foot sliding.

Go and have a look at the distance matching locomotion thread.
thread.several.people have explained what to do and how multiple times - with video examples too.

If the character moves faster than the inherent speed of the fastest “run” or “sprint” animation, I have to play that animation faster, or foot sliding will happen. The only question is how to change the speed and/or advance the animation. Setting the index frame based on accumulated movement is another option, which also plays the animation faster when going faster than the target speed. I assume this is the method used in the “distance matching” thread.

Then again, if you can use root motion, you’re golden; the speed of the animation advances exactly with the movement of the character and everything matches up. You can even do this with networked games, as long as it’s not important that the feet are planted in exactly the same spot for each player on each other player’s screen. (It very seldom is.)

And of course, when all else fails, add markers to the animation for when to pin the feet to the ground using IK. That’ll be useful when walking on slopes and stairs, too!

You never play the animation faster.
If anything you implement a variation of the plugin that addresses this - which i cant recall the name of.
what it does is it moves the feet further apart via IK or closer together depending on speed.
speed warp or something similar.
Speeding up animations only leads to trouble.

And again. you don’t need root motion.
Just export what root motion would be as a single float curve, and feed the curve into the character speed for the given action.
particularly easy for OP since he’s sliding between things.