The Midget and the Titan - Post Epic MegaJam Thread

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Hello everyone!

I’m a member of Rocket Apple Pie team, creators of The Midget and the Titan for Epic MegaJam. The jam has ended last week and results will be announced soon on the Epic’s stream today, but we were thinking about polishing our game and making it a bit more complete experience even after that. As you can probably imagine, some crucial elements of the game’s narration and gameplay were added at the last possible moment and we would like to finish them appropriately. We already gathered some valuable feedback from our friends and from Allar’s stream, but please keep it coming here. We will be working on some changes and tweaks soon and will upload new builds in this thread for you to check out. Please mind that we don’t plan to remade the existing game, just make it better, more complete. The possible changes will be noted below and updated with time. Let us know what you think about this idea and have fun playing the game!

Possible/planned changes (2015-10-22)
Narration and scripting

  • Making tutorial for jump with run-up.
  • Polishing scripting of the beginning and ending of the game.
  • Blocking the camera on the Station after pressing the first button for players to see their destination and understand objective better.
  • Adding effect to the second button (Station malfunction again and feedback showing jetpack breaking itself in the process).
  • Making texts on the walls to show only when near them (or with progression of the story, like near the first button) and disappear when not needed any more.

Game mechanics

  • Fixing running not working after landing if activated in the air.
  • Fixing jetpack working even before picking it up.


  • Making the emissive colour of the orbs less bright when coming near them.
  • Making orbs placed on levitating rocks to levitate with accordance to the islands movement.
  • Fixing orbs not always working in the cave before second button (the reason still need to be investigated, probably they are to close to each other).
  • Some better checkpoint placement and overall tweaking of the difficulty.


  • Adding main menu with basic options, credits.
  • Changing percentage fuel meter into a vertical bar with better feedback (showing when we refuel or when jetpack is not operational).
  • Adding optional guide showing the next orb players should walk towards (for less experienced ones).


  • Adding some more visuals in the sky (planet, distant sun, etc.).
  • Adding save/load game option.
  • Deciding about speeding up or erasing completely the static fuel refilling (without orbs).
  • Smaller fixes and tweaks.

As for some points above - we already know some people lost themselves on the way to the Station. The game also turned out to be longer than we expected (we wanted something between 10-15 minutes and it turned out to be even 30-40 for some testers!). That’s why we consider adding an option for the beginners to show them the way, at the same time letting the exploration lovers to do everything on their own. It’s just an idea for now and we still need to discuss that. Also a possibility to save/load the game would be nice for some players. If you have anything on your mind after playing the game, please let us know in this thread. Thanks a lot!

Hi mate,

Just played your game and loved it. The art style was beautiful, simple shapes and the purple to pink gradient really pop, lighting really made it. Nice music too. It had a similiar vibe to Refunct on steam. 15 mins or so.

Some thoughts:

  • The yellow orbs emit a blue light on the environment, should be yellow;
  • Increase speed of refuel when not near an orb, there were times i just jumped to my death to quickly refuel rather than wait;
  • The jump animation (after losing your jetpack) feels off;
  • The transition from run to walk moves the player back a step, feels off;
  • At one point i got lost, didn’t know where to go. Consider removing the light from orbs after you’ve passed them. This was after the long descend, i was confused because there was an orb across a long chasm that looked possible to reach (but wasn’t);
  • The hexagons don’t feel good to walk on when ascending because the height transition between them is too high. Consider reducing height between hexagons (when ascending), or making your character able to walk up the increased height;
  • The font used for the text could look better as a more standard sans-serif (similiar in style to the last level of the beginners guide) and with a less dramatic shadow behind it;

Again, great work. This is my type of game.