The MetaHuman EULA is quite concerning

You may not do any of the following with respect to the MetaHuman Technology or any of its parts: (a) copy, reproduce, display, perform, or otherwise use it in a way that is not expressly authorized in this Agreement;

Reading through the EULA, there is this intriguing sentence. I’m concerned because nothing is “expressly authorized” in the agreement at all, only a few things are mentioned as expressly banned.

Someone please correct me, but the implication can’t be read in any other way: currently every use of Meta Human technology from any company or individual is technically in violation of this EULA, meaning it’s in Epic’s power to pick and choose what uses of Meta Human are in violation of its EULA after the fact. Possibly after companies have already invested thousands of dollars & people hours into the tech.

I would love if someone could clarify why it’s written in such a way. If you are going to only allow Meta Human to be used for only things that are “expressly authorized” then please create an exhaustive list of things that it is authorized for use. Or ideally, remove that language from the EULA so that people using the tech don’t have to guess whether they are in breach of the agreement (since currently, everyone seems to be!)

I believe this is mainly relating to the actual engine. I.e. you can’t redistribute or reverse engineer the app technology, which is their IP. What I read in the license seems to allow you to freely use your creations and redistribute them as part of a game, and so on. Otherwise, there’s no point in using a tool like this. If you read the licenses for just about any DCC, you’ll find similar language.

From the first section:

License Grant
1.1 License. Epic grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable limited right and license to (a) use MetaHuman Creator and MetaHuman Assets to create Generated Characters, (b) modify the Downloaded Characters, and (c) use the Downloaded Characters (with or without your modifications) in your Products as UE-Only Content as permitted under the terms applicable to UE-Only Content in the UE Agreement (the foregoing, collectively, the “License”).

Yep, and you can see here and throughout the document, exceptions are made for the “Downloaded Characters”:

(e) reverse engineer, derive source code from, adapt, translate, decompile, or disassemble it, or otherwise attempt to learn the inner workings, structure, algorithms, or ideas underlying it; (f) modify or otherwise prepare derivative works of it (except for modifications of Downloaded Characters as permitted under the License)

If I’m not mistaken, you can only use MetaHuman assets with Unreal Engine related projects. So it could be referring to that.

Yes, In part 1.1 above they’re saying you’re expressly authorized to create characters and modify downloaded characters. In (e) you’re forbidden from reverse engineering the code or making modifications to it, with the exception of modifying downloaded characters, which you ARE allowed to do. It’s a pretty straightforward license agreement. You may be confusing the application license with the license you’re being granted to use the assets created BY the application. They’re two different things.

And yes, MHC is free for use with projects created for Unreal Engine. You can use the assets in Maya and other apps, but only to edit and ultimately export back to UE, or render cinematics for use in UE.

Aha that’s encouraging, the difference between the “Technology” and “MetaHuman Creator and MetaHuman Assets” was lost on me, my mistake!

Thanks for the clarification :star_struck:

I did not know that there were people who read the EULA :face_with_monocle:,

All the people who prospecting commercial use of anything unclear read the Eula for not being sued. People who don’t may risk losing more than they earned.