The Mesh of my Character BP is "None" (can't be loaded)

Hi everybody, i’ve a bigproblem: after an UE4 editor crash, my character blueprint can’t load the mesh:

But the SkeletalMesh is valid !

When i select the mesh in the blueprint, the detail window is empty. And we can’t modify it!

I’ve tried a lot of export/import and other stuff, but it’s seems that when the mesh is broken… we can’t change it !

So without any solution, i’ve parented another mesh to this one, and it functions… i’ve rewritted the code to use this mesh (when using socket and attach actor…).

My problem is that the root motion of this mesh don’t have influence on the capsule position. I’ve no solution for that…

:frowning: please help… i’ve tried, but i’ve no solution.