The Media Failed to Open

I’m having a problem that I can’t solve and that is affecting me a lot at work with Unreal Engine.
I’m working with Unreal Engine version 5.0.2. I am going to explain the process I perform and the problem that is generated:

  • First, I created a project completely from scratch. The RHI I am using is DirectX12.

  • Inside the Content folder, I created a Movies folder and selected “Show in Explorer”. Then, I saved the .jpg image sequence inside the Movies folder.

  • Then, I created an ImageMediaSource and linked a sequence of .jpg images to it. ( I have already checked that I have the same problem with .png images or .mp4 videos.)

  • Then, I generate a new MediaPlayer together with its MediaTexture


  • When opening the MediaPlayer to view the sequence, everything seems normal at first glance.

  • However, when I click twice on the ImgMediaSource file, I get the following message: “The media failed to open. Check output log for details”


  • Then, in Output Log I can see the following messages:
    “LogImgMedia: Warning: FGenericImgMediaReader: Unsupported file format in F:/00_MASTER/BUTIC/PFM_MORRINA/Content/Movies/MS_PAT.uasset”
    “LogImgMedia: Error: Failed to get frame information from first image in F:/00_MASTER/BUTIC/PFM/PFM_MORRINA/Content/Movies”

I have tried many things to solve this problem and I cannot solve it. I have reinstalled Windows (But I have not completely reinstalled Windows. That is, I did not reset the version I had). I have checked and corrected the existence of characters, which could generate problems. I changed the RHI to DirectX 11. But none of the solutions I have applied solve my problem. The problem is that if I can’t fix it, I won’t be able to work with MoviePlayer.

Please help me to find out where the error is.