The Media Failed to Open

I’m having a problem that I can’t solve and that is affecting me a lot at work with Unreal Engine.
I’m working with Unreal Engine version 5.0.2. I am going to explain the process I perform and the problem that is generated:

  • First, I created a project completely from scratch. The RHI I am using is DirectX12.

  • Inside the Content folder, I created a Movies folder and selected “Show in Explorer”. Then, I saved the .jpg image sequence inside the Movies folder.

  • Then, I created an ImageMediaSource and linked a sequence of .jpg images to it. ( I have already checked that I have the same problem with .png images or .mp4 videos.)

  • Then, I generate a new MediaPlayer together with its MediaTexture


  • When opening the MediaPlayer to view the sequence, everything seems normal at first glance.

  • However, when I click twice on the ImgMediaSource file, I get the following message: “The media failed to open. Check output log for details”


  • Then, in Output Log I can see the following messages:
    “LogImgMedia: Warning: FGenericImgMediaReader: Unsupported file format in F:/00_MASTER/BUTIC/PFM_MORRINA/Content/Movies/MS_PAT.uasset”
    “LogImgMedia: Error: Failed to get frame information from first image in F:/00_MASTER/BUTIC/PFM/PFM_MORRINA/Content/Movies”

I have tried many things to solve this problem and I cannot solve it. I have reinstalled Windows (But I have not completely reinstalled Windows. That is, I did not reset the version I had). I have checked and corrected the existence of characters, which could generate problems. I changed the RHI to DirectX 11. But none of the solutions I have applied solve my problem. The problem is that if I can’t fix it, I won’t be able to work with MoviePlayer.

Please help me to find out where the error is.

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Make sure images are separate from UE assets, otherwise image sequence player will try to load them. They don’t state this explicitly in the guide (, but if you look at the path in the screenshot for step 3 you will see the images are in the subfolder of /Content/Movies.

Okay, I was also having this issue, but I think I figured it out (also, I was dealing with mp4 files, so not sure if that makes a difference here or not).
It seems to be working great now though.

Go into where the Unreal Project Folder is (like, the main folder where the project you’re working in is). Go to the main Content folder in that project folder.

Then, inside that Content folder, make a folder called “Movies”. Then, put your images in that folder (only the images, nothing else).

Then, in UE5, right click, create “Media: File Media Source” (don’t pick the Image one; that one didn’t work for me), and then choose your new folder with the images you made. Should work.

Same problem. 5.1.1 and 5.2. But sometimes its working.
For example, if you click 20 times, then 1 time out of 20 it is played. And it will play without problems until you restart it again.