The Maze Runner Video Game

@IllpIll Looking Good. Are you manually creating the maze, using procedural generation, or both? I’ve written a few Maze Generators in UDK, and will most likely write one with Blueprints. There are several maze generation algorithms, but I haven’t seen a circular 3D maze generator, that would be interesting.

@Swanny, please tell me your version will be more than a runner game, like this one?


@sangloo. Great minds think alike. I’m developing a game with similar elements. A Fantasy-themed First-Person Blast & Slash Dungeon Crawl Action RPG. Up to Four (4) Player’s Cooperatively navigate a procedurally generated Labyrinth filled with Puzzles, Traps and Monsters, on a quest to locate prized treasure: The Dragon’s Gold (protected by a Fierce Dragon Boss Monster). Players are armed with both a Sword and MagicGun to defeat an assortment of Monsters (generated with GOLEM ECS), Evade/Escape Traps, and Solve Mini Puzzles. I’m hoping the improvements for foliage in 4.7 is also applied to instanced static meshes in general. That will allow me to generate some highly complex looking GOLEMS consisting of 100,000s Fragments.
GOLEM Monster

@TechLord Haha, hopefully the game will be definitely more than that :slight_smile:

So after a lot of messages and requests, im now considering reviving this project!! I am gonna need a lot of help though as I don’t have much time or skill when it comes to making games xD Let me know if you are interested in helping out with any of it!

@Swanny i would love to help you out with this amazing project! if you would like me to contribute then please private message me.

So, 5 years later, I’ve dusted off my old PC and found this little gem. Shame I never finished it (I mean I was 15 when I started this. Maybe I should start this project again. Now I have more patience and experience. Anyone still around on this forum?


is this game going to be a first person where you run around the maze just like the movie? also if so will it be multiplayer?

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yes you should start doing this again. i think if this game is really well made then i think it will have the potential to blow up

Hey Swanno I just started this game project. let’s develop together

Would you like to form a team and continue this project?

Greetings @MISA0611 !

We see that this is your first time posting! :medal_sports: We’re so happy to welcome you to the Unreal Engine Community!

From what I can tell based on the posts above, it has been more than a year since @Swanno has posted here. If you haven’t already, it may help to send an email just in case Swanno is no longer checking the forums. Good Luck on your brand new project, and thank you for being an important part of our growing community! Happy Creating!

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Thank you I sent him an e-mail

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You are most welcome! I hope you receive a reply. Creating and building is so much fun!

I look forward to seeing how your own project comes along in our Work in Progress forum category! :wink: Please consider sharing with us. We love to see new projects progress from start to finish in our forums!

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I hope :smiley:

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can u help u guys with this project