The Master Sword Mod (2)

- Description -
The Master Sword is the one of the oldest relics in the kingdom of Hyrule, capable of defeating Hyrule’s greatest foe: Ganon.

But today it serves another purose: wrecking some TAL-9’s! Pick up the Hero of Time’s greatest weapon and bash those bots to smithereens!

- Downloads -

V1 - Master_Sword_2_V1.robo

V2 - Master_Sword_2_V2.robo

- Patch Notes -

Version 2 - Fixed the textures on the Sword Material, the green tape on the hilt is now actually green and everything is a bit more metallic.

Version 1 - Release version!

Sword model created by Yogensia over on Sketchfab, check it out below! -