The Map is either short package name or not exist!

Trying to make servertravel in Dedicated server from lobby to main gameplay map,this Event fired by Gamestate as a server event after players get ready then call an event in a Game mode that’s run an Execute console command “servertravel TestGameMap ?listen” and I made a Maps folder in the Game root folder .but when I package the Game and run Dedicated Server version with 2 clients the server won’t travel to the gameplay map I only see a black screen! and when I check Dedicated server game log I see an error say’s “The Map is either short package name or not exist!” and I already Packaged it you can see it in the screenshot…! can someone help me with this? alt text

Just something that came from the tip of head.

  1. Confirm the name is correct
  2. Try removing the space after the Map
    name? “TestGameMap?listen”

Man, it’s so silly the feeling when I realize that I had a Nightmare because of a “Space”… lol
thank u man :slight_smile:

The fix, for me, was to go to edit > project settings > packaging > packaging (drop-down arrow) > List of maps to include in a packaged build > add all project maps. For some reason, this was never an issue, as Front End has its own options for selecting maps to package. I thought I’d share my findings with everyone.

This did it for me! It was including the new map I was attempting to add. Manually typing it in didn’t work, so I had to right click on the map in the in game file and copy the filepath that way.