The Long Way Home (Story-Based Game)


Hi everyone**
We are proud to share our development progress on our passion project ***The Long Way Home ***with you.
Hope you :heart: it. :smiley:

About the Game
The Long Way Home is a heartfelt story about Frank, an elderly man who suffers from amnesia.
The player experiences the world through the eyes of Frank, as he rediscovers his identity and his haunting past.
The game focuses heavily on Characters and Story as well as creating a relaxing and rich atmosphere.
If you enjoy games like Firewatch, Life is Strange and Gone Home then this is something for you.

About the Company
We are Nifty Llama Games](Redirecting...), an upcoming company, currently working on our debut Game called The Long Way Home.
Our team consists of 2 Artists, 4 Voice Actors and a Community Manager.
We are working on the project in our freetime, therefore deadlines are quite loose.
Communication is managed via Discord, as all of us are scattered on different continents.

For more information, you can contact us through one of these links:

Holy cow this awesome! Keep it up you guys!

Fantastic! Let me know when you can hit me up an early build, I’ll do a couple of videos on it:

This game has a great potential, I look forward to seeing more Dev-logs!

very very cool.

Hi Guys, it looks wonderful and very very cool. Do you use any asset from marketplace for low-poly models? Good luck to long way game devs :smiley:

Thanks everyone!

As a little Christmas gift for you, here are some Screenshots of a lowpoly forest for the game.

@hvsvgs3: We don´t use assets from the marketplace. All our models are self-made.

This is awesome! Can’t wait to see more! You all have amazing talent!

This is absolutely beautiful! I love the low poly esqe aesthetic

Wow great ! Beautiful!

Amazing! Keep it going.

Everything about this project is looking awesome so far! The environment looks super cool, the story seems solid and the little bits of gameplay shown in this video look fun! I can’t wait for more devlogs! I wish you all good luck for the future!

Hey everyone, we have a new Devlog which goes a bit more in depth about character design and voice actor casting.

Hey guys, It’s been a while since our last post on here.

We are getting very close to launching our steam page and first trailer. Can’t wait to see how everything will turn out.

If you like what you see and want to chat with us, please consider joining our Discord Server