The "loading Visual Studio 2017" popup never goes away

The “loading Visual Studio 2017” popup never goes away. I’m using Unreal Engine 4.15.2 and Visual Studio Community 2017 version 15.1 (26403.7).

Am I using the right visual studio version? How can I fix this problem?

You cant it’s a bug that has already been entered into the system . Just have to wait for unreal to fix it. The simple fix for now is just open the visual studio files from the folder directly rather than opening them through unreal

I just to make sure: opening sln from explorer is perfectly identical as opening the files from the editor? I mean in terms of dependencies, building etc. Is there no difference at all?
And so what if the popup stays there? Does it consume resources or what?

[PSEUDO SOLUTION] The work around is to fire up UE and select a file to edit. With VS open, shut down and relaunch only the Unreal Editor.

It’s a hack, but at least the popup is no longer active. Obviously, results may vary, but hopefully it works for you too.


[COMMENT] Wow, I’m on 4.18.0 and this bug still exists. It isn’t a game-stopper obviously (no pun intended) but it’s still distracting since these pop ups are designed to catch the attention of the user. Which I may add is quite effective… agonizingly well actually.


This seems to be fixed in the “promoted” branch. I built from source, against that branch, and the problem is gone. The integration with Visual Studio 2017 seems to be perfect. The splash window says 4.19, but I’m not sure of the real release cadence. (I went in to debug the source code because this was nagging me so much, and I noticed it was already fixed!)


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There is possibility of 4.19 switching to visual studio 2017?