the live Blackmagic video color is different in Unreal with the original color

HI, I am new to UE4, and I’m working on an live video issue with unreal4.22, i am using the Blackmagic Videocard (DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G) , i have got the live video, but the color is different in the unreal , i change the projecting setting and the texture, but is is not go well.
is anyone has the same problem ?

Hi ti0001** i know this is an old thread but we are in 2020 and i’m having the same issue you had. i was wondering if you managed to solve it. and if not i invite you to join a virtual production group in Discord where we tackle Declink and VR and other challenged in unreal engine, my issue is washed color similar to yours.

The link for Discord server:**

hi,i met the same things ,could u help me too

HI,naseemshanbour, thank you very much for your reply, i can to joint the group, by the link , would you send it again? thank you very much.

looks like a linear srgb issue to me
you may have to change the source image to linear, or srgb
or play around with multiplying the plate by 2.2 or 0.45

I’ve just done this. In your second image of the video plate material, you need to drop in an srgb to linear converter after the top texture sampler, before the switch. Don’t use the pre-built node. There’s a composure processor that does srgb to linear with a custom node that contains shader code that you can copy/paste.

Hi, Dannington Thank you very much for your reply. i do not think that is the composure, the video feed from the blackmagic video card in Media Bundle is the same with wrong color, you are right this is the video plate material problem, but i can not fin the srgb to linear converter BP in the Unreal, how i change the video plate material to linear color , there is a linked , may be that will help, i will have a try when i get back to studio , Linear RGB in UE4 - Unreal Engine Forums

This is how we fixed this

This is how we fixed this

Scroll down the content tab and look for composure rgb to linear conversion materials it will solve your problem