The little drone

Now available for download at:


I created a camera that can dolly in and out with mouse wheel and rotate 360 around drone.

Added things in the background.

Moved debris around and staggered it for better gameplay experience.

I softened the bottom edge of the giant cloud arch in the distant background so it fades off a little better into the lower hemisphere’s fog.

That cloud arch painting is on a .png file, 2049X2048 with very soft edged alpha.

Its on a single side material plane.

Then the ships you see in background are static meshes. They just hang there.

I darkened the brown rust texture and tiled it over all the debris.

Since the scene is very silhouetted I used the same rust material on all the debris including the ships.

I knocked down the metallic and specularity settings on the material.

Darkened the rust texture in levels in Photoshop pushed the shoulder a bit back, darkest more towards the middle a tiny bit.

Then pumped up the normal map for it to punch out the holes in the rust.

There are 4 trigger boxes on the outer edges which set variables that control “add force” to the chunks of debris that are each in its own pawn class BP.

So the chunks bounce back and forth between upper, lower, left and right trigger boxes.

The trigger boxes are extra “long” outward to give the chunks enough time to slow down and reverse direction with add force switched.

I reset the follow camera’s angle of view back from 130 degrees to 90 degrees because it was distorting the ships in the distant background too much and with

the added 360 rotation the wide angle became redundant.

My brother pointed out and I am aware of it that there is little sense of movement forward.

I need to put dust particles in or something :slight_smile:

I adjusted the angular and linear dampening of all the debris with angular at a lower setting for the larger debris so they would more or less stay in the same place but not lose the sense that they are affected by the hits from smaller debris.

Now you get a better sense that the drone is moving forward because you can see its position relative to the bigger debris.

The playthrough video at the top of the thread is the latest updated version.