The link to downoad for pc and mac don't work

I can’t download the program because the links aren’t working. I tested it on Pc and Mac.

Hi GamingPc,

I see that your account is active, but perhaps it is taking a few minutes for your payment to process.

Are you attempting to download from this link? Epic Games

I just tested the downloads and they are working for me. Try signing out and back in again. Then let me know how it goes.

I tried logging out and back in several times. I did just create the account today. how long should it before I am able to download?

Generally it’s only a couple of minutes. I’m going to loop in our web team and I’ll update back here as soon as we have something.

It turned out to be the network I was connected to. sorry for your troubles. I was able to download the installer now.

No problem, we are just glad you got it downloaded.