The Life Cycle of Malaria - Educational Android app

Hello guys,

I’ve utilized Unreal Engine 4 to visualize and educate players about the Life cycle of Malaria in a creative manner and wanted to share the progress.
The idea is that this edutainment-application offers an alternative method on learning and raising awareness on the complex life cycle of malaria.
The player plays from the perspective of the anopheles mosquito and the plasmodium parasite. Along the way, the player has to answer a few UMG quizzes.

I encourage and welcome feedback, suggestions, revision tips etc. I’ve utilized Unreal Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG) and blueprints. The app should work on Galaxy and Nexus devices.
The app can be tested here: .


Nice to see projects where UE4’s functionality is expanded to create educational resources. This particular project succeeds in conveying important information in an engaging manner.