The Legend Of Zelda - Ocarina Of Time - Unreal Engine remake

I had to stop my Super Mario 64 project due to some modelingproblems. But Im going to try to finish a new project and this time it will be my favorite game on Nintendo 64: The Legend Of Zelda - Ocarina Of Time. I have started with Link this time and please keep in mind that Im not very good at charactermodeling, so this is my first attempt to finish a character. I will also make the rest of the models and try to make a playable clone.

I have started on Kokiri forest:
Just a basic mesh yet :slight_smile:

Finished the Kokiri forest land.



why exactly did you stop the Super Mario remake? You had a few meshs of the outer area of the castle
and you only said that there were modeling problems. Couldn’t you fix them? :X

Im not that good at detailed modeling, only basic stuff.
I tried several days to model the castle, but I just couldnt
do it. There are finished models to download, but I enjoy to
recreate things like this myself :slight_smile:

I really don’t want to offend you or something, but why do you think that these problems won’t
come up with a Zelda remake? Zelda has the same level of Detail as Mario, since both ran on the N64.

I would really love to see you working on that problem and continuing the Mario Rework.

No problem :slight_smile: I think the geometry is simpler
in Ocarina Of Time. But I can try to do the Super Mario
Castle once more. The thing that bugs me is the wierd
roof. If it wasnt for that, it wouldnt be a problem.

I will post in your Super Mario Thread.

I’ve actually been working on a Zelda game myself, but I’m using models and animation from Twilight Princess, as it’s the best-looking Zelda IMO, and I can easily get their 3D data. Maybe you could grab those assets, if only for quick development while you work on your own original models?

Sorry for letting this project down. I have rebooted it a little :slight_smile: Here Im blocking out Link again:
This time in MODO which I find easier than other 3D programs.

Hey how can i play this and try it out

Hoiya …

how can I get into this . id like to make my own things