The Legend Of Zelda NES Remake

I’m currently remaking the Legend of Zelda for the NES in UE4, I’m doing this project so I can learn blueprint, creating UI and learning more about a games design process and structure in general. Not sure if I’ll finish the project or not but I’ll update this post every once in a while. I want to learn how to do some blueprinting and UI work and i figured that remaking a classic game in UE4 would be a good exercise! The game isnt too complicated but isnt too easy so it provides a nice challenge for a beginner at that stuff. I wanted to just mess around with something on the side while my other game is in production.

UPDATE #1: Added cemetery, noticed that the white bush isnt in the tile set so i’ll have to make one :\


After the map is done I need to figure out how to get link to walk on a grid and stuff. I already have a top down paper sprite character somewhat working.