The left mouse button event in my actor blueprint class only works with one actor from the class and not the others

I am pretty new to unreal so please correct my blue print code if something is wrong.
So I am trying to create a blueprint class that controls multiple actors in my class. This class is suppose to allow me to select whichever actor my mouse is currently on top of and move it around in 3D space. The left button click selects and the release deselects the actor. It works really well with actor from the class but when I try to select the other actors linked to the same blueprint class it doesn’t show that the left mouse click is working so they never get selected.
Any one have any suggestions

this is what I have in my blueprint class

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I figured this out myself after playing around some more but it seems you can only have one general mouse event for your project so I set it up inside my player controller class and I am adding all my mouse events to that class and having the other blueprints call on that class