The learning path


I am absolutely new to gamedev and I’ve just started learning UE4. Official tutorials seem to be incredibly helpful, I finished the initiatory courses: “Introducing Unreal Engine” and “Your First Hour with Unreal Engine”, which sparked my desire to delve deeper. But after these courses I feel like being on a vast crossroad with numerous ways to go. So I am seeking for an advice from experienced people, what should I focus on in my first explorations lest I take the wrong turn and start learning advanced things that should be of lesser priority to me at the moment. And if possible, please specify corresponding courses available at UE learning centre or other sources, I would appreciate it.

For background: I started learning Unreal Editor as a hobby out of inner need to recreate imaginary sceneries and landscapes. So, for example, I don’t see character design and animation as my main focus right now.

Also, sorry for my English, I’m not a native speaker. And thank you all in advance.