The Launcher is bloat


I am brand new to the Unreal Engine. While browsing tutorials for Blender, I came across an architectural rendering in Unreal and became very intrigued.

I just tried to install the engine but realized after everything downloaded that I actually installed the Launcher.

When I am expecting to install a program and something else installs, there’s a problem.

Is it possible to install the Editor without the completely unnecessary launcher program? I’m already very turned off from this experience.
After waiting for everything to install I found out I had to use the launcher to even use the program. Then even more time searching for a way to use Unreal without it.

I really just wanted to try out the engine and dig into tutorials, instead I’m scouring message boards to figure out how to use the editor without the launcher only to find that I would have to use messy workarounds to accomplish it. And I really don’t want to waste time compiling from source when I just want to test out the engine.

Setting up hurdles like this for new users doesn’t make any sense to me. Just let me download the engine and start learning and you will gain a long-term user.

no you cannot install the engine without the launcher and it is not bloat just because you do not like it or want to use it. the launcher is used to make it easy for new users to download and update the engine and other files as needed or wanted. there are many game companies that do the very same thing. Origin, Glyph, Arc, Turbine.

It is also to make sure you are not trying to pirate the engine and files used for it to make your own game and not adhere to the eula.

Hi blankplusblank,

There are two different ways to install the editor. The first, as you have discussed, is the launcher. You can also get the github build by going to:

You can find instructions for installing this here:

The main difference is that in the github version you have full access to source control and no launcher. Having said this, the launcher is necessary to have if you want to utilize marketplace assets. If you have no intention of utilizing marketplace assets, the launcher is unnecessary.

I agree that the launcher is bloat-ey. Kind of like how the Steam client is bloat, or the Blizzard launcher is bloat.
To be fair, the Epic Launcher gives them some way of putting content in front of eyeballs, which is one of the reasons they can afford to make the engine available for zero up front dollar cost.
If you really don’t want the launcher (note: it also does patching and content management for you!) then you can built it from source on GitHub.

Sorry for the semi-trollness

Thanks everyone for the replies. I apologize for my tone, I was just frustrated.

The launcher does seem to be quite helpful in learning the Unreal Engine.

My gripe is the fact that the download button says “Get Unreal Engine” which actually downloads the launcher.
If I’m downloading a Launcher, have the link say “Get the Launcher”.

I think that’s a reasonable request.

Thanks again everyone that replied.

Thanks for your feedback! I’ve seen some other people mention that it’s confusing and a bit of a mislabel, so I’ll bring it up and see what can be done.

The real issue is that the launcher starts itself when launching a project. Get rid of that and you’ll get rid of most complaints.