The Last Stop

Personal project for learning UE4. Every asset/model/texture/material is made by me. Took roughly a year to make when working on weekends. Inspired by Fifth Wave movie, Chernobyl/Pripyat with a little Alan Wake and Last of Us and other Naughty Dog game.

Making of here:
More shots here:

Good work, this is inspiring :slight_smile:
I like the conclusion as you insist on breaking the whole work in small tasks and the need to stay focused.

1000 Thanks,
this is a really big gift

Thanks all!

Yes it´s a pretty big task to build something like this so I think one of the most important thing is to keep yourself motivated and breaking things into smaller tasks can help with that.

BTW. I also made this small diorama with those assets that you can play with in the browser. Here is the link for tha Marmoset Viewert:

I think this one will work in here too:
The Last Stop - Diorama by kimmokaunela on Sketchfab

Pro scene, gg!
Thanks for the gumroad and the cool ‘Making of’ at your site, muchly appreciated :wink:

Nice work. =)

Wow! That looks amazing! :smiley:

I would love to play a game set there! (Like STALKER maybe?)

It’s looking like that in engine for me. Any help?

That´s because the auto exposure. To fix that just go to the PostProcessVolume -> Auto Exposure.

Change Method to Auto Exposure Basic

Min Brightness: 0.6
Max Brightness: 2.0
Speed Up: 3.0
Speed Down: 1.0
Exposure Bias:0.0
Histogram Log Min:-8.0
Histogram Log Max: 2.0

This will make it look right and you can tweak the values for your liking. Let me know if that didn´t help.

I’m trying to add a character to this scene to controller and interact but can’t seem to get the player controller to work.

Is this package no longer available?

@djwillians1 Its no longer available because that project was too hard to keep up to date and has some issues that would took too much time to fix.

I want this project. gumroad link is dead. kindly give me a link.