The Last Samurai (Tom Cruise Fan Art)

Hey everyone, here is a personal project that I collaborated on along with a fellow artist(Naky Solanki) on our team at Little Red Zombies. As a team focused strictly on 3D characters we really loved Epic’s recent advancements on 4.20 shaders and wanted to explore the hair and SSS options in the Digital Human project :slight_smile:

Hope you like it and any feedback is appreciated! More images at a higher resolution can be viewed on our ArtStation post at


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kinda looks like tom cruise

Hey, its meant to be Tom Cruise from the movie The Last Samurai, I should have mentioned that this is a movie fan art, edited the title accordingly :slight_smile:

This is insane! Really awesome work!

It is indeed insanely accurate

wow truly amazing

Hey man, thanks! It’s great to hear from you, your short and and to the point tutorials were very helpful for me personally when exploring UE4 and some basic AI. Cheers!

Excellent Work Great Details on the breastplate wear, and everything els
Artstation next to give you the like you totally deserve

Wow, this is rendered in UE4 real time? Amazing…

Are you using the hair shader model from the Photorealistic project?

That’s indeed insane!! You did an amazing job!

@AlphaWolF : Thanks!
@BreakMaker : Thanks, yes this is real time in UE4. This uses shaders from Epic’s Digital Human project.

Nice work! =)

Impressive! nice job!!

Absolutely, mind blowing art!!! :smiley:

Astonishing work. :eek: