The landscape painting

Is this ever going to get fixed? it still does where it paints the entire square, how can you paint a level with this going on it has been happening for 6 or 7 releases. can I get someone from epic to reply bout this?

When I go to paint the first entire square it paints it wont let me paint over again at all either.

I haven’t experienced this at all. Care to share your material setup and your landscape painting settings?

Might be of interest :-

Paint over the whole terrain with 1 layer first. Then when you paint with on it you don’t face the problem. Though, I don’t really think it’s a problem. You already need to paint the whole terrain because if you don’t then the surface underneath is black, so you need to paint the whole terrain once at the beginning anyway.

it is a problem if you got to have a fix like that, there is no good tutorial for how to paint so people is going to use one fo the few tutorials there are and they dont explain this at all. plus if you got to completely paint over a landscape then re paint thats extra work as my landscape is big. and if u happen to do it wrong it wont let u paint over a certain piece of the area AT ALL so your landscape is f"cked. or you got to reset all you have just done

Agree! UE4’s Landscape features are lacking. Suggest you keep going with this thread and it will morph into a feedback thread for Epic. Chosker did this recently and Epic sat up and listened. Meantime, how about test-driving this prototype and offering feedback to the OP…

where do i get it from to test drive it lol

The first post has a download link. Its literally a test-drive of a fixed scene.
But if its accepted to the marketplace it’ll be coming soon as a general tool…

Yeah bro I will buy that the second it is uploaded. my issue is it takes epic months to put things on the marketplace. I need it much sooner then that lol

The behavior you described initially sounds like a bug, or incorrect setup. If you want to post your material and landscape setup, I’d be happy totry and help or post my own set up, but again, I haven’t run into the issues you’ve described.