The landscape chunks won't hold more than one texture

I’m trying to paint my landscape with a material that contains multiple colors and their textures blended together. That works fine, but the problem is that I can only paint in chunks. When I paint, the landscape turns into the grey-black checkered texture. If I continue to paint until I’ve painted the whole chunk, it then turns into the material I am painting with. How can I fix it so that I can paint a chunk to contain more than just 1 material? Thx in advance for any help!

Too many textures in your landscape material.
change all the textures samples to Shared Wrap and see how that goes.
This brings about incompatibility with anything not direct X as I understand it.

Lanscape materials are limited to 13 concurrent samples in 4.22

4.23 has texture streaming so it might offer some benefits if you set things up for it. But I have yet to play with it and when I lat tried the preview it wasn’t working at all, not even with shared Wrap enabled… you may want to experiment and learn the virtual texturing - though the docs are sporadic still.

Oh, also whenever you paint a new layer on an existing layer the shaders recompile. This is normal and takes some time depending on your machine.

4.23 also has a nee system with landscape layers. Not sure how those work either, but maybe they allow you to select different landscape materials on a per-layer basis (it’s more meshes theoretically) - this too is something worth looking into…

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MostHost_LA, Thank you very much, when I changed everything to Shared Wrap, everything became the good (in version 27).