The Land of Princess Yaya ( formerly The Lore of Yamaia RPG)


[FONT=book antiqua]Description:
[FONT=book antiqua]YamaiaRPG is a hybrid Action RPG [FONT=book antiqua]that combines open-ended gameplay with unique [FONT=book antiqua]narrative and [FONT=book antiqua]battle system. I[FONT=book antiqua]nspired by Couch Knights, [FONT=book antiqua]Zelda, [FONT=book antiqua]Final Fantasy, The Mean Greens, Robot Chicken, Dark Souls, and Little Big Planet[FONT=book antiqua]. Players venture on an Epic Quest to save the world of Yamaia from the Bloxelizer.

[FONT=book antiqua][FONT=book antiqua]Features:

  • [FONT=book antiqua]Co-op Multiplayer
  • [FONT=book antiqua]RPG Character Building: Stats and Skills
  • [FONT=book antiqua]Perspective Toggle: Top-Down/ThirdPerson/FirstPerson
  • [FONT=book antiqua]Spawnable Puzzle Rooms
  • [FONT=book antiqua][FONT=book antiqua]Combat System with Melee, Guns, & Magic (Area Effect)
  • [FONT=book antiqua][FONT=book antiqua]Active Defense System
  • [FONT=book antiqua][FONT=book antiqua]Crafting, Building, Customizing
  • [FONT=book antiqua]Many different AI Behaviors
  • [FONT=book antiqua]Prize/Cash-driven [FONT=book antiqua]PvE/ PvP [FONT=book antiqua]Contests & Tournaments.
  • [FONT=book antiqua]Achievements

[FONT=book antiqua]Backstory:
The Lore of Yamaia RPG began with the notion of developing [FONT=book antiqua][FONT=book antiqua]a RPG that incorporated all of the assets I purchase from the Unreal Marketplace (UMP).[FONT=book antiqua] I acquire all sorts of goodies from the UMP with no regard. So, I’ve [FONT=book antiqua][FONT=book antiqua]devised a plot based on the [FONT=book antiqua][FONT=book antiqua][FONT=book antiqua]“Realm of the Unused Video Game Props”[FONT=book antiqua][FONT=book antiqua] that can make use of Assets of various [FONT=book antiqua][FONT=book antiqua]Themes/Art styles and experiment with game-play mechanics from various genre templates.

[FONT=book antiqua]Contract Bids:
[FONT=book antiqua]I’ll be posting Contracts below for specific Jobs to modify or add to my UMP Assets. To bid simply [FONT=book antiqua] PM Meor Skype: techlord_on_skype, Subject: YamaiaRPG. Please include portfolio and recommendations, if possible.

NOTICE: The Lore of Yamaia RPG Development has been merged intoTheGameDevStore.VR Development. FLT 01/06/17

Looks Promising !

Thank you, sayato. Not sure how promising it looks as its a mishmash of Marketplace Assets. Getting all these different styles of assets to ‘work’ is going to require some creativity.

I’m going for a hybrid of Photo-realism/Stylistic using Photo-realism as often as possible. The world is basically a modern Mansion and all the inhabitants are miniatures within it. I’m using Photo-realistic and stylized elements of non-realistic proportions. Below is a GIMP’d concept picture to sort of give an idea what I’m going for.

Contract for Functional 3D Photo-realistic Anime Eyes (Left, Right, Center) Asset Open. I gave it a go. Its a No Go:

Not looking to bad for me, but why not placed on the mesh itself?
A second option would be to remesh the eyeshape, add some sphere for Iris and it looks nice for me.
Another option would be to export the chibi fbx, remove all faces, aside the facepart you need.
Add seperate materialslots for brows/eyes/left/right and attach it to a socket inside UE4.
With that method it would be easy to make it seamless(extrude a borderedge back into the head), to close gaps and or limit z-buffer-war.
The runvideo is nice.

I value your input Luftbauch. To be honest, I’m not sure what the best solution is at this point and I’m no Material Master. I only know the features I desire. My current attempt uses two simple planes with Eye Texture → Material. I desire the Pupils to move (follow Objects) as I’m not satisfied with static Eyes on my Characters. I can draw up different shaped eyes to represent emotions and use a flipbook texture to switch between them (theory) with markup in the dialog to indicate mood. I planned to use a similar method for the mouth and animate like Robot Chicken Characters.

Good Day

Looks nice :), but from the test run it looks like you could use a help of an Audio Designer, nothing personal :slight_smile:
If you are interested just contact me:)

Web site:

Kind Regards


Hi My Mini Gemini, no offense taken:cool:. The highlight of LoY is utilizing Assets purchased from the Unreal Marketplace (UMP) in a creative and fun manner. Are you offering products in the Marketplace? If not, consider doing so.

Something like this? 2D dynamic test I was playing around with this idea after I seen your post (quite a while ago, have been busy as of late).

Would having static eyes be so bad? From the test video, it seems the majority of the time you wouldn’t see the characters face.

EyeManga3D - Introduction Playlist:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7