The land before time (New Map)


I love this game to bits but I think it needs a map to match the era. The current maps nice but it just feels like a weekend getaway in the Maldives. I want a map that truly feels like I’ve been transported to a prehistoric land. Something along the lines of the below images.

A more dramatic landscape would be awesome. With big sweeping valleys, gigantic waterfalls (think angel/iquaza falls), small mountain streams flowing into larger rivers, massive arches like on Pandora (No Floating Mountains!), a volcano with an actual lava flow, a desert region, a snow region but high up in the mountains where it makes sense. Also a dark gloomy lightning struck valley full of bones and rexes. A nice system of paths and tracks to make getting around easier without stuck dinos. (Not unrealistic as animals make tracks in the wild and dinos would make big wide ones). Just got to keep choke points to a minimum.

So I have decided to undertake this task myself and make such a map a reality.

However as you can imagine this will be a massive undertaking. Many new plants, trees rocks and other decoration will need to be created as this will give the prehistoric look. Therefore I’m looking for people to help. If you know how to make 3d models and textures and would like to help me create a prehistoric paradise then send me a message. I basically want a prehistoric paradise to wander around in when the VR headsets are properly released. I don’t plan on having this ready for the nod contest as I want to spend the time to make it truly epic. I’m going to make it the same size as the current map for starters and place the 3 obelisks somewhere to keep it compatible with future content. I might even model a permanent dino arena.

Sounds cool. It’s similiar in concept to the map I’m currently working on but look forward to seeing what you do with the concept.

Hey Shayne,

I have quite some experience in Maya and know a bit of making textures in Substance painter/designer or Photoshop.
I am interested in your idea and want to work it out with you. however I can’t seem to make the Ark Dev Kit working for me which (I suppose) is quite a downside.
If you want to contact me, just PM me.


sounds like something i was thinking of myself, i’m in. i have a lot of experience, just go check tiberium secrets which i am a main dev to. my main program i use is max. would like to talk with ya over the details. pm me if you want =).

I’ll be honest, the title drew me in, I’m in the process of trying to get the dev kit and mess about/learn it, If I happen to get up to scratch with it or maybe I’m better with some other areas, i’d love to be included in this project.


There is some crazy like that in our map. More is coming, like you I wanted a bit of the “Old” earth feel to it. We actually built our map using parts of the landscape from California. From San Francisco to Los Angeles there are a LOT of mountains and rivers and stuff like that to pull from that are untouched.