The lack of quality control hurts the marketplace. Do you agree that overall quality is low?

From the perspective of a customer, I’ve stopped browsing the marketplace. It’s become flooded with low quality assets and I can’t find anything worth buying.

From the perspective of a seller, I don’t think its fair that high-quality content tailor-made for UE4 gets buried under low-effort spam and port jobs.

It used to be a requirement that meshes were correctly scaled, but now I see a lot of content with “Scaled to Epic Skeleton: No.” I check the guidelines, and I find this now only applies to characters. Why was this requirement changed?

There used to be a requirement that products were distinct from what is already available and bring new value to the marketplace. It seems this requirement was also removed. Now, the same sellers upload the same material packs over and over and over with only small changes, such as the tiling scale.

I don’t think there are many customers that want to buy the same materials 10 times over, I know I don’t. All this does is give people a negative perception of the marketplace’s quality and stop people from being motivated to browse and purchase. Ultimately, this arrangement is bad for customers, sellers, and you, Epic.