The Korean MMO UI Kit - Where to get it?


I am wondering if anyone knows what the ui/mmo kit that a lot of the korean mobile mmo rpg’s use. For an example of the ui I mean:

This same ui can be found in the following games, and im sure many more:

You might think ‘maybe they just design it similar’, but I dont think thats it. The design, flow, wording, achievements, and almost everything is identical in the games that use this type of hud, which leads me to think that its certainly some template/kit that is available.

Any info on where i might find this would be appreciated. <3

I believe they use their own proprietary game engine for most of their games, so my guess would be that it is a UI package for whichever engine that is.
I hope this can help!

I didnt think they used ue either, until I loaded up ‘Traha Global’ and was presented with the ue logo :smiley:

My best guess then would be one of the external art stores, like ArtStation or Itch, because I know that BlackDesert runs its own engine.
I found a fantasy kit on ArtStation, but it may not be what you’re looking for

-Zen :vulcan_salute:

as nice a ui as that is, its not quite what iw as looking for. thanks for the link anyway though :slight_smile:

Have you found anything similar to it yet? I’ve been digging through the games’ forums and websites, yet cannot find anything about its specific packages. Maybe try reaching out to one of the studios, maybe Pearl Abyss, for any info regarding the UI.
I hope this can help!