The Kingdom of Light Premium Edition Orchestral Suite is 50% off for limited time only.

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[For those needing high-quality orchestral cues for your projects this may be the perfect for your needs. This comprehensive high-fantasy audio suite covers music for adventuring across different times of day, skirmishes & epic battles, dungeons, taverns, special event cues and much more. An excellent bargain for those who demand rich cinematic orchestration to boost your game to the next level. Thanks for taking the time to listen!


Kingdom of Light Premium Edition in Music - UE Marketplace](Kingdom of Light Premium Edition in Music - UE Marketplace)

  • 133 cues
  • 200+ minutes
  • Looped cues for battles & skirmishes
  • Includes ALL Kingdom of Light libraries (Time of Day, Dungeons & Caves, Mystical, Town & Taverns, Themes, Haunted Nature, Combat, Special Cues & Shadow Kingdom)