The King

I’m very happy to share the first project I’ve created in Unreal.

A few month ago I talked with Efgeni Bischoff about the project he is currently working on and about some characters he had in mind for it. One of the characters we talked about is a mythical being, at first sight a holy appearance with noble dresses but at second sight a shady and questionable character underneath. I liked the idea instantly and decided to help him. As a direction we both liked the King in Yellow, a character from the shortstories by Robert W. Chambers.

I hope you like him.

](ArtStation - The King [RealTime])

[ArtStation - Explore

](ArtStation - The King [RealTime])

Jesus christ , this is amazing! What tools did you use along the way?

extremely well done!!! its so **** ugly its sexy!! mad Soulsborn vibe for me with some H.P Lovcraft marinated in. seriously great job i love this! would make an amazing poster too!!

Awesome work!

Really amazing. As Myrhillion said, can you please tell us the software used in your pipeline? Thanks.

I took it as a Githyanki leader mixed with a mindflayer from D&D. Maybe a splash of Iron Maiden cover art thrown in.

■■■■ man, this is amazing! I studied architecture and I always get amazed by the things game devs make.

Awesome stuff. Also the music adds a lot to the atmosphere.

Hello everybody, thank you very much! :slight_smile:;base64

For the highpoly modelling I used ZBrush + Blender, textures were created in Substance Painter and rigging + animations were created in Blender again. If you have more questions, please let me know. I am happy to help!

Amazing work art!

Wow, this is like Quad A quality - AAAA Level quality, next level type stuff. Blows anything I have seen in a video game out of water. How you did the tails with the spikes, all the little details, wicked man! Animation is on point. I gotta start messing with blender and z brush more!

Looks amazing! The only constructive criticism I can come up with is maybe make the teeth and “gums” slightly more wet/shiny.


Truly stunning! Amazing detail precision! The beauty of the beast!! Realy, realy, very, very, very great stuff!!!