The joy of paint with Bob Ross and Unreal Engine 4

Hi guys, I’m a fan of Bob Ross and I love Unreal Engine 4. I’m going to recreate most of his art on Unreal Engine 4.

I’ll start with “Mountain Splendor”, hope you like:

Interview about this scene with 80 Level: Bob Ross and Unreal Engine 4

My artstation: Artstation - Mountain Splendor


Bob Ross paiting Mountain Splendor:

Screenshots of Mountain Splendor with Unreal Engine 4:

Old painting style:

Happy Painting!

Connection of old art and digital age . Cool

The intro is incredible, though the pattern in the water kind of breaks immersion for me. Music reminds me of the band Acoustic Alchemy.

Beautiful! :cool:
Yea I would make the water more interesting too.
Check my app out to for even more styles

Beautiful work, looks awesome. Would be nice if there was a bit more wind/movement in the scene, but overall nice! :slight_smile: