the issue of level design back and forward between UE4 and Blender

Hi! I wonder how everyone’s workflow doing their level design with UE4 and Blender. Because sometimes I have difficulty when I done a simple version of level design in UE4 but some place has complex curves. When I try to model a detail version of that part in Blender, is difficult to adjust to shape to match the shape in UE4. I have to keep repeat change shape in Blender in re-expert to UE4 again and again to make it right. Does anyone have a better way to do it? Thank you!!

What export settings do you use in Blender after changing a model’s shape (the complex curve model)?

fbx file. because after placing some models in UE4, I can’t export back to Blender for measure the spacing to model new objects accurately.

The scale of Blender is different from UE, by default (if you didn’t change it in Blender or UE). I read Blender has 1 m per 1 unit, and UE is 1 cm per 1 unit (also called uu or UU, Unreal Unit). That’s a 1 to 100 ratio, 1 m = 100 cm. So, 1 unit in Blender is actually 100 units in UE.

Another aspect that is not immediately obvious for transferring fbx between the two programs is in the export settings of Blender, it shows Forward and Up under Transform. The forward axis in UE is, I think, +X axis (positive X), whereas in Blender it’s -Z. Change it to positive X in Blender’s export settings whenever exporting an FBX model. Blender uses Y as the vertical axis, and UE has Z for the vertical, so change that to +Z in Blender export settings.

For the scale, as a test, change the value in export settings to 100.00 and when importing to Unreal, do not enable “Convert Scene…” (which is for converting from FBX units to UE units). Try that, and if it doesn’t work for scaling, then try changing the Scale value to 1 in Blender and enable “Convert Scene…” in the UE Import settings dialog on re-import. The only other thing I notice is Tangent Space isn’t enabled, which could mess it up since UE utilizes tangent space in calculating the geometry and normals, but not sure if it actually is causing the problem.