The Isle Dev Team - Looking for Experienced UE4 Programmer.

UE4 Programmer

The Isle Development Team was created with the sole purpose of making a game that was a unique dinosaur experience that has yet to be explored. As a survival game of prehistoric proportions, The Isle is attempting to deliver just that. Players can choose between two human factions or playable dinosaurs, allowing gameplay ranging from stalking plains as a Utahraptor, blazing through a blender of gnashing teeth and ferocious appetites as a fleet-footed Gallimimus, or picking up a gun and joining a team of your best mates and seeing how you fair against other players embodying evisceration incarnate. The choice is yours.

We strive for a tense experience that’s unlike any other game with “dinosaur” in its synopsis. This sort of innovation, passion and integrity is what keeps our development team great and has allowed us to give a player experience worthy of Indie DB’s Top 5 Best Indie Game Award. However, no great accomplishment is ever achieved without hard-working, driven professionals. That’s where you come in.


  • A master teacher and a master learner: Everyone who strives to remain great at what they do, knows how much they don’t know. To strive to get better is one of the most important things to us, and to you! All mistakes are taken in stride, assessed, and learned from. Each day you strive to learn from what we can teach you, and share your knowledge with us. You will make us better. We will make you better. This is the way of the digital Jedi.

  • Personable: Whether remotely or at the dev house, your ability to present and communicate is always on-point. Capable of contributing to and maintaining an upbeat environment with us. Your ability to create genuine bonds of collaboration with those around you can diffuse the rare tense situations in the long night, strengthening us as a team, as we move forward together.

  • Passionate: We are not drones, nor do we seek the average 9 to 5’er. You care about what you work on, bringing your ideas and input to the table at every opportunity with confidence and without ego. You do what you can, where you can, both for the team and the project. Passion breeds intensity, and you are willing to use that to forge everything you touch into something better than when you found it.

  • A Pinnacle of Integrity: We strive to always put the best foot forward, doing the best we can as developers to produce the best product that we believe in and this resonates with you. Quality is something you demand of yourself and what you demand of us. You are an assassin of problems, a procurator of results, and strategist of development roadmaps, desiring nothing less than the best we can produce for our players.

  • Self-driven: Whether we divide and conquer, or focus on key obstacles as a group, you are willing to thrust yourself to the heart of a problem and tear it out whilst its still beating. Challenges are opportunities, and no task is too daunting. Alone or together, you “can” where others “cannot”.


  • Extensive Knowledge of C++ and experience using Blueprints in Unreal Engine 4.
    (Variables, Functions, Methods, Delegates, Classes, Arrays, Stack, Heap, Pointers, Virtual / Pure Virtual etc)

  • Experience working on Multiplayer games.
    (Replication, Netcode, Remote Procedure Calls

  • A stellar portfolio that demonstrates your work or a show of contributions to open source projects, or why not both!

  • Able to debug complex problems in multiplayer environments using unreal engine profiling and debugging tools.

  • The ability to effortlessly work in a team environment. Using Subversion SCM with other programmers as well as adapting to existing project code style.
    Communicating daily with the team on tools like Discord and working with other team members developing features that make this game awesome.


We’re just gamers making games. We aren’t looking for someone who is the best in their field, but will always give their best. We are young, we are new, and we certainly aren’t perfect, but we never stop trying. We came together to work on a game,delivering results with a level of integrity and sincerity we don’t feel is reached enough. Regardless of it being a job, we (and you) should feel proud of our accomplishments while making sure we’re having fun, because if you aren’t, then why bother?


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I would like to apply for this position! could you email me at
Thank you for your consideration.

The isle is an amazing game.