The Island (Working Title) WIP

I wanted to create a work in progress thread of a game nbazzeghin and myself are working on.

  • The water is just a depth placeholder for now, not having shore blending or anything just a simple plane.
  • The textures of the Island are using a splat map to get the blending and we are working on converting that over to a slope blending.
  • The blue box you see in the aerial view and the last two pictures is just a work zone. For right now we are using two separate light sources to give fully dynamic time of day system.

Will give future updates when we have some, just wanted to get some of our very early work in progress stuff on the forums

Very cool, great job on the terrain sculpting.

The Terrain, Textures and Materials looks great.

Yeah, it looks neat. What is the size of the landscape?

About the rocks are you using the cave ones ? If you want to make rocks put your landscape in 3D software and make rocks on it so that they can fit nicely :slight_smile:

@CharlestonS Thanks man, we are using textures from and blending between 5 of them. We are wanting to get to a point where we blend between 16 for just the base terrain

@Jacky we are using a heightmap with 8129x8129 vertices. We used World Machine and Mudbox to get the look we wanted.

@Arendt The rocks that we are using are from the Elemental Demo, the Cave Demo, and ones we have modeled in Zbrush. We have a few made for specific areas of the terrain, but we can’t do the whole island like that sadly, I would be in Zbrush for the rest of my days if so haha.

Nice! It will take quite some time to walk from one side of the island to the other. :slight_smile:

very nice :slight_smile:

Yup, that’s the point =) I think currently we are looking at something like 64 square km of landscape. You wont have to walk all that area though, as its an island and a good bit of it will be under water.

Just a simple test of a True FPS Camera we are going to try and use. A lot of work still needs to be done with this camera. This is just a very basic initial test.

Current things planned are having the ability to turn your head independent of your body, use new character mesh, and use new animations ( That we hopefully can mocap ourselves :smiley: )

your true first person is amazing kudos, im working on the same thing think you could give me a little help?

Thanks! I’ll post the BP when I get a chance. Its really basic though.

Hi guys I like the camera it looks very well done. I also like the terrain very much that is a very well done landscape.

Very nice indeed, thx for sharing and adding incentive :wink:

I was almost positive you had used worldmachine OR something like it, because as a artist I know it ‘can’ be challenging to recreate as scene of that depth( on this level) , so such tools make the job easier,but then the trick is always making things you add whether texture or 3d objects, look a natural part of the environment :wink:

Great job keep up the great work :wink: