The Inheritance Hierarchy Documentation Text Is Hard To Read

Hello Epic,

I’ve got a very quick suggestion for the formatting of the engine documentation. Currently the inheritance hierarchy in the UE4 documentation looks like this:


I’m relatively young so I can just barely squint my way through reading that, but I can’t imagine someone with poor eyesight being able to make anything out. My simple suggestion is that either the hierarchy text start larger so that the smallest possible text is still easily readable, or all of the text could be the same size and more indentation or some other visual cue could be used to signify inheritance.

That’s all, thanks a bunch!

That’s painfully hilarious.

I agree. I’ll look into ways to better convey that without the text becoming minuscule. Thanks for brining it to our attention, TacoShank! :slight_smile:

Sounds great! Thanks for looking into it!

I must say, Microsoft has some of the best documentation I’ve seen. Everything is quite nice, lots of examples, just great stuff. Would love to see UE4 on the same level.