The Infinity Blade Mod - Reloaded V3 Release!

The Infinity Blade, the original weapon capable of defeating the Deathless, a race of immortals whose souls drift through time.

- Description -

Hey guys! Back with another Infinity Blade mod! So after learning so much about how modded weapons work in RR, I wanted to go ahead and add more of the amazing swords from IB to the fray! This release includes a reworked Infinity Blade (much better than the old one, the tracking is spot on now so no freaky hand dismemberment), the Glimmer (the acid sword) and the Marrow (the Spine-sword), with more sword to come soon! I figured out how to export the weapons from the Content Pack that Chair games released on the Epic Games store, so I’ll be working on importing a bunch of the amazing models from that pack to this mod soon!

To change weapon model, just click on the circle at the bottom of the infinity blade with your off hand. (button clicking to come next!)

Will also be releasing a version 1b that overrides the Revolver slot instead of the Pistol slot.

- Downloads -

V1 - Infinity_Blade_Reloaded.robo

V2 - Infinity_Blade_ReloadedV2a.robo
V2b - Infinity_Blade_ReloadedV2b.robo
V3 - Infinity_Blade_ReloadedV3.robo

**- Patch Notes - **

V3 - Accept the Reins of The God King, Radriar, and call upon the power of the Infinity Blade! Took some time to figure out how to reverse derez an item, but I used it to make the Infinity Blade rez in on grabbing it (or switching back to the model) and I found the sound clip of Radriar naming the Infinity Blade from IB 1 and put it in there as well. Feel the power of the Worker of Secrets!

Edit - Crash Bug fixed. Download this version again to stop the V3 crash bug. ^^

V2b - Revolver override version of Release Version 2! Only one version can be installed at a time.

V2a - Second Release Version! top facebutton can now also be used to switch weapon model, ice dagger also added!

V1 - Release Version! Includes Infinity Blade, Glimmer, and Marrow Models.