The impulse does not work well

Hi, i have some trouble with “Add Impulse”.

  1. When the impact force multiplier exceeds 1000 - the ball jerks and slowly rolls in the opposite direction.

  2. If you strike directly or backwards, everything is fine. But it is necessary to turn sideways, or 45 degrees - the ball rolls either forward or backward.

All screens:

target - Direction of impact

edit: sry misunderstood

im no expert, but Rotation from x vector does not consider the y vector i guess.
i would try to use radial Impulse component (add component -> add rad force comp) and instead of add impulse you use “fire impulse” where radial Impulse is your target

Thanks, but I found a problem. In Physics properties->Constraints->Mode was set as “YZplane”.For something I put it probably :smiley: