The hunger games copyrighting process

Hello community,

Me and my team are working on a video game based on ‘The hunger games’ trilogy (–Suzanne Collins).
We are afraid that the copyrights for the idea are saved to her, and that we are not allowed to develop a game with that idea.

If anyone knows if we are allowed to do so, or if not- how can we get permissions, please let me know by posting an answer or private massaging me.

Thanks alot,
Hrsidkpi, Yarden Ghelfan, the manager of Moonlight games.

I’m going to word my response based on the assumption that what your making is something you do not intend to sell. Every place is different when it comes to fan made content, potentially if they see it as a threat. Generally, fan projects that fly under the radar are left alone, but if you get too big, you open yourself up to the dreaded C&D letter. The thing that everyone working on fan projects needs to understand is that they can lose their work at a moment’s notice, and all your work will be for naught. If that’s alright with you, then go ahead. If not, you can get in contact with them and ask permission (make sure you emphasize that it’ll be a non-profit fan project), to make it. There’s a high risk of them saying no, but it’ll be less painful than getting it halfway done and having to stop.

If worse comes to worse, just make your own IP. Being inspired by something isn’t illegal. Good luck! :slight_smile:

If you’re wanting to sell a game, then you’d have to get permission. The way to do that would be to contact the studio that owns the copyright, they most likely have a licensing division, then you’d have to go through negotiations for a contract. To be able to do that you’ll need lots of info on your game to share with them along with lots of business stuff like distribution and all that.

thnaks everyone for the responcess.