The Hum- Alien Horror: New Videos

Hey guys, I have some new videos of my development of The Hum. I hope you like it =)

You will see that theiy say “Kickstarter” because I’m showing them on the KS campaign, but you can ignore that, it’s not my goal to make spam or something like that on this forum. I only want to share the progress of my game with you and to know the oppinions of this community!


OOO nice work here. You have a really great atmosphere and tempo started.

Well Anubis, you just gave me a great excuse to purchase an Oculus Rift. This game looks amazing! The atmosphere, as Spectronaut stated, really sets the mood of the game. I remember seeing the first video that you posted for this project and thought to myself, “I can’t wait to see more of this project”. ‘The Hum’ looks awesome. I can’t wait to give this a shot once it is released. Keep up the great work!

Hey guys, thanks a lot for these comments ^^

Hi there, we wrote a preview article about The Hum on (only german :D). I Hope to catch up with you at the gamescom.

This looks great you have created a great atmosphere there to the point that there is absolutely no way I’m putting a Rift on and playing it for fear of brown trousers :wink:

Tbh, I find the texts rather bad… why not voice act it? That’s much more personal and appealing. Just my two cents.