The HULK CGI cinematic clip

Hi all, after posting several stills, here is my shot of a small animated piece. The rocks, waterfall and HULK were composited as several elements. My aim was to get it to look film-like.

Please view in 720p resolution. YouTube doesn’t seem to allow actual 720px1280p window size viewing anymore directly in the YouTube site, however if you can achieve this viewing size then the larger window size will make viewing ideal.

Turn your volume up!

The action is towards the end of the clip.

I am not a pro; full 100% beginner here.

Comments please!


What, no one? You all got pulled into the 4th dimension of the twilight zone?

Hey if you’re going for a “teaser trailer” check out these styles:

I’d love to see more of the waterfall and the hulk etc. if it’s done in UE4, etc.

My favourite recent trailer:

Hulk is thirsty, or why he is screaming at the waterfall?

Thanks srmojuze!

He was running his usual morning jog, got lost and then came to a stop where the waterfall was in his path; that made HULK angry.

Cool story, can he hunt some deer for sausage?

Unfortunately Hulk is a vegetarian, so only foods like broccoli and gamma juice are his diet.