The handling of bugfix releases

Hey, the fixing of bugs at the moment really is not very nice managed.

The problem is, you only fix “very critical bugs” which cause crashes in hotfixes.

**So, if UE-9829 broke something which worked in 4.6.1, it will only get fixed in 4.8. So if someone really needs this to work he can’t use 4.7 at all. But 4.8 will have new features and totally new bugs, which may cause the same person to also not be able to use 4.8, because the fixes for the bugs introduced with 4.8 will only come in 4.9 and so on…
So it’s really gambling whether a major version is usable at all for someone.

Yeah I think I don’t have to add anything, I think I pointed out the problem the way it’s handled at the moment :wink: Regarding what Tim said about the preview, UE-10800 and UE-9829 were both reported during 4.7 preview and they still will only get fixed in 4.8… :frowning:

I just want to clarify here again, that fixes for these have not been submitted since this was neglected from being mentioned.

Yeah I know, but you said these bugs will most probably only get fixed in 4.8 because they could possibly make other stuff not work and are not critical enough for a hotfix, that’s why I think its not important whether there is a fix yet or not :slight_smile:

I have edited the first post a bit since it’s not really nice starting with quotes :wink: Could anyone rename this thread to something more… Meaningful? I forgot I can’t edit the thread title after posting…

Renamed (:

If 9829 is never fixed for 4.7 I will be very sad :frowning:

Epic, do you want Bruno to be sad? :stuck_out_tongue: