The great "Paid Mods" debate.

Is there any validity to that statement that 15-25% going to the developer is the standard across the industry? UT is giving devs 70%, and the only other mod marketplace I’m aware of is TF2 and from what I’ve seen valve only takes a 15% cut. What other mod marketplaces are out there that they are basing their percentage on?

Valve takes a 75% cut on their marketplace - but yeah, I find that number highly suspect. The way the whole thing was written rubbed me the wrong way.

Edit: Paid mods are no more;

People still play Skyrim?

Not surprising. I don’t think they thought it through, it has all the signs of a rushed implementation.

Well that ended quickly.

I didn’t necessarily want them to rip the system, but it needed a lot of work.

Maybe within the next year we can actually get a paid mod system that makes sense.

Or, we can just keep it the ways it’s always worked: custom content = free; total conversions = potentially commercial

~ Jason

Yes, I feel that still is the best way to do things.

EXACTLY ! This is how anime sub groups still operate. They get %100 percent of what people are donating them, and people “donate” them not have to pay !

Problem solved.

The copyrights problems thrown up by this is where the real problem lies. Nobody cares that modders might charge, the share would likely equalize to something more fair for mod makers (and in the end they could decide whether they think it is fair or not), but the underlying problem of modders very often using assets and property that is not their own, using assets from other people for free etc… makes this change next to impossible.

I think it could have worked if you could charge where you could prove all assets and content were created by you, or already existed within the game. So if you modded a new world area into Skyrim using entirely the vanilla assets then you could sell it (with Bethesda rightly grabbing a substantial slice) but if you used even 1 single asset created by another person, that person could DMCA your mod. That could have worked.

So it is dead I see :smiley:

My contribution :smiley:

That is the best contribution I’ve seen for a while! :slight_smile:
Also, Valve. If any of you are reading this… DON’T pull this !$)I%@(U!@_(%)U$!($U+_!+%)(+@(+#(:):)@$!($_)(%@(*@$_) again!