the giant kojima hero a story intro

hi i’m muhamad from iraq 41 yo my hobby to be a game creator
im about 11 years watching ,playing games and learning somethings how to made a game
everyday i play or read something in my pc about games world at least 9 hours or more
under my eyes a black color cuz i’m using pc and reading ,playing,as possible
the reason i didnt made a game and didnt learned the best and beautiful ue4
that cuz i’m in very hard circumstances and my health also not good
sorry to telling u that about me but also i have a reason to say that
i just would like to share my info what i have for a starters and some other things in my mind just be patient plz
believe me we cant guess a people minds i mean we cant know from where will
come a smart guy ,girl and put a new good ideas for the games world
i believe here in this forum can be found a very smart ppl but we dont know them right now that cuz they have a reason or circumstances it is time to say anything i know
at least a starter will learn something good about the games world
i just call my self a pc user
here is i made intro story, music,voice about a giant hero i’m just doing my hobby for free not for a money](

i dont know what will say other ppl about it but in arabic countries this is the best game intro as i know i dont write more but ill continiue later
note the old man is a magic he is the first a buzzle in the game story
sorry for my weak english language thanks for all


this is a sample of the story i didnt upload it full for a reasons
words of the song is only for me !!
song need to remake with a new words assosiated with this story and i have more things
ill explain later sorry for my weak english

here while i was trying to made a sad music i made this fun arabic sad background

here while i was trying to made a sad music i made this fun arabic sad background