The German umlaut ä does not display in packaged builds

Please note that other umlauts work fine, it is only ä.

The bug is that giving ä in a Text causes a packaged build (in my case HTML5, [but doesn’t seem isolated to HTML5][1] - Please note that nothing converted this to a Text, it was initially a Text and always has been as localization suggests for us to do.

And that brings me to the work around, I set the word Hände to a String instead of a Text, then converted that String to Text when passing it to SetText. This is surely a bug and unintentional.

Use German umlauts (ä, ö, ü) in c++ DrawText? - UI - Epic Developer Community Forums

Thank you for noticing this issue with the Unreal Engine 4. Could you please provide me with the complete reproduction steps and which version of the engine you’re on?


Make a custom PlayerController and have it spawn a UI with Create Widget, in that UI have a text and use “SetText” via the PlayerController and just copy/paste an ä into it, can be combined with any other text, just the ä will break it.


Thank you for reporting this issue. I found that it’s not only the umlaut a causing the issue, but UMG seems to be having trouble in general on HTML5. UE-30019 has been entered for this bug.