The Gate Trailer

Here is a sneak peak of my comming short film. I was working on it in UE4 but migrating to UE5 has made the process much easier. Check it out


Hey there @MR3D_Dev,

Hope you’re having a wonderful day.

Great storytelling friend! The dark knight is especially interesting. Could be the soldier’s “villain origin story” or something more menacing and I’m a bit to hyped to see what happens.

Goodluck in the development in this project, I’m so genuinely thrilled to see what happens to our little soldier man!

Hey I am glad you liked it, I am still devleoping the second part. I decided to substitute the dark knight for a demon in the end, is gonna have a bit of a fight too :slight_smile:

The demon:


That is horrifying and positively diabolical. I wish you luck in your story development but that creature is hard to look at (in a creepy but good way!)

It’s the Unreal Engine Lich King!

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Oh gosh, the Lich King becomes the undead he used to raise. That’s both an amazing idea and utterly terrifying :joy:

Stucked eyes - its like in “unreal return to napali”

The short film is ready. It will be online on my Youtube channel on Monday. All made in Unreal Engine 5